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Mayan threads of Guatemala
The language of symbols

Coordinadora: Joanna Willemsen de Matheu


For many years, ProTeje has toyed with the idea of leaving a visual and written-down record of these atractive panels decorated with symbols so full of tradition and history. For this reason, detailed research was carried out and some fifty women from different communities were interviewed. They retold the stories, legends, and myths that form part of their world visión and of their reality, and that became the base for the information recorded in this book. Previously, this information had only been transmitted orally from generation to generation.

It should be mentioned that the symbols contained within on these pages have been executed with skill and wisdom, and they are adapted from every-day dress. In the same way, the color seen in the photographs are those selected by ProTeje to give a new start on the traditional range and make the products more attractive and appealing to customers. We trust this information will shed a light on those about to acquire a native textile.

This book pays tribute to all the weavers by presenting capsules of ancestral wisdom and remnants of Maya world views through each photograph and description, thereby preserving the work and creativity of hundreds of women who, together with ProTeje have become weavers of dreams and visions.

Mayan threads of Guatemala The language of symbols

Autor Coordinadora: Joanna Willemsen de Matheu
Portada Ver portada
Editorial PROTEJE
Año 2011
Idioma Inglés
Encuadernación Pasta dura
Nº de páginas 222
ISBN 978-9929-582-03-0
Lugar Guatemala
Dimensiones 26 x 26 cm


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